The ability to dream is what makes you the pilot of your life. You can set the sail, and go the distance. No one can stop you from becoming the person you dream to be.

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You all know that dreaming is easy. The hustling is what separates the real hustlers from fake ones.

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Consistent hustling is the key to success. Entrepreneurs fail because they are afraid to repeat the process.

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Accounting Services

Focus on your operations! Let us do the boring, yet important stuff (i.e, accounting).



Kelvin loves to write about SMM, Entrepreneurship, and share his thoughts about recent events that matter.

Business Consultation

You have an idea? Let me help build your business seamlessly. You have no idea how far your idea can go.

Public Speaking

Talking in public is my passion. I like to motivate people, and unleash the best in them.

Social Media Marketing

Let’s help you establish your brand all over the Social Media. This is where people buy today!

Real Estate

Kelvin is actively working as an agent of EELHI (Empire East Land Holdings, Inc.). He’s helped more than 10 clients already.


Kelvin is a serial entrepreneur, blogger, real estate specialist, life coach, and a motivational speaker.

He started his entrepreneurial endeavors in college by selling health products to his colleagues. He graduated Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting at Saint Louis University but wanted to follow a path other than employment.

He pursued his passion in selling, developed his skills and decided to build a blog that helps aspiring entrepreneurs to also follow their passion. He became one of the sought after speakers in Baguio about social media marketing, selling and developing leaders.

Since he knew the struggles of an entrepreneur, he co-founded PBS to help other entrepreneurs set-up their own businesses at ease and be of help for their growth.


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